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Last updated on September 30, 2022

Dan-Phi V. Nguyen knows that nothing is more important to you than your children. He also recognizes the special bond that children have with their parents. Peril is a very real outcome when evidence is misunderstood or exaggerated, and families are broken apart by agents of the state. Dan-Phi works to ensure that your children receive the care and attention they need to thrive and that you receive reliable and dedicated family law representation.

Attorney Nguyen has exceptional experience with Texas family law matters. As a former prosecutor for cases involving Child Protective Services (CPS), he has a unique insight into the process. He is keenly aware of the overreach and trauma caused by zealous Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS) workers and law enforcement personnel.

Offering The Full Spectrum Of Legal Advocacy For Families

At The Law Office of Dan-Phi V. Nguyen, PLLC, you will find an experienced attorney who is committed to providing practical counsel and knowledgeable legal representation for family law related matters, including:

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The Law Office of Dan-Phi V. Nguyen, PLLC, offers comprehensive family law representation. Turn to attorney Nguyen for skilled, aggressive advocacy. Call (713) 485-0781 or send an online inquiry form to reach the firm. Located in Houston, the firm serves family law clients throughout the entire Houston metro area and the surrounding communities. Attorney Nguyen also accepts cases statewide on a case by case basis.

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