Reliable And Aggressive Legal Representation Protecting Your Rights And Your Children

An Attorney Dedicated To Advocating For Parent’s Rights

As a former prosecutor, attorney Dan-Phi Nguyen understands how the law can overreach. More than this, he knows that the most important thing you have is your family. He recognizes that as humans, people are prone to making mistakes. He also knows that families are resilient and strongest when they are together. When he takes your case, he dedicates his efforts to ensuring that you have intelligent, assertive legal representation that is tempered with compassion.

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Dan-Phi Nguyen

Born and raised in Houston, attorney Nguyen graduated from Houston Baptist University and Thurgood Marshall School of Law. He has practiced law since 2010, working for eight years as a civil prosecutor. He has child protective service legal experience in both family and juvenile courts.

A True Family Law Attorney

Attorney Nguyen is dedicated to helping families. In this respect, he is an attorney who can help with family law issues and legal issues that are related to Texas family law, particularly when they deal with Child Protective Services. He was the prosecutor in a well-known case where parents were threatened with the removal of their 5-month-old after a household accident; see more at

In every case, his mission is to protect those who are facing the unjust displacement of a child. He also provides conscientious legal representation and advocacy for couples who are dissolving their marriage. In cases where a divorce or separation involves children, he places the needs of those children as his No. 1 priority. He is adept at property division, parent-child relationship orders and modification and enforcement of existing orders.

As an attorney focused on the needs of family law clients, attorney Nguyen also assists with private terminations and adoptions. In addition to family law matters, he also takes appeals for defending a suit against a wrongful foreclosure, and he is able to provide real estate litigation support in some instances.

Seeking Practical Solutions

While family law issues sometimes require resolution in the courtroom, in some instances, there may be more efficient or practical options. Attorney Nguyen knows the value of assiduous negotiation. Whenever it is in your best interest, he will pursue negotiations and creative solutions outside of the courtroom. Call his office in Houston at (713) 485-0781 or send him an email to get started.

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