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A native of Texas, Dan-Phi V. Nguyen provides families throughout the state with compassionate, intelligent and assertive family law representation. Whether you are dealing with an agreed divorce or battling the state’s Child Protective Services (CPS) wrongful actions, you can turn to The Law Office of Dan-Phi V. Nguyen, PLLC, for trusted legal representation. Attorney Nguyen is a former prosecutor for cases involving Child Protective Services (CPS). He draws from his unique insight into the process to provide exceptional legal advocacy. 

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DFPS Is A Formidable Opponent
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When you are up against Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), you have a right to an attorney to defend your interests in getting your children back. Child welfare law involves child custody suits filed by DFPS, commonly known as Child Protective Services (CPS). The court frequently appoints lawyers to defend parents. Generally, court-appointed lawyers have enormous caseloads and are under a burden of stress. When you are dealing with the emotional strain and time pressure of the state’s goliath administration, you do not need a lawyer whose burdens may result in critical missteps in the process or communication errors.

Attorney Dan-Phi V. Nguyen is a highly skilled family law attorney who knows exactly what you are going through. He can help you anticipate what steps the CPS representatives are going to take to challenge your rights to independently raise your children. Before founding his law firm, The Law Office of Dan-Phi V. Nguyen, PLLC, he worked as a prosecutor in these types of cases. He draws from this insight to help parents going through the intense battle against CPS.

Attorney Nguyen’s vast knowledge and courtroom trial experience in representing CPS is an invaluable defense tool to utilize when faced with a CPS investigation. He has personally observed the overreach and emotional trauma by CPS representatives when unjustly removing children from their families. He has made it his mission to hold CPS within the parameters of the law.

Comprehensive, Cost-Efficient Family Law Advocacy

Now, more than ever, promptly resolving your legal disputes relating to your children – or soon-to-be-former spouse or partner – is essential. There are times when you can come to an agreement with your child’s other parent for your child custody, visitation and child support, but filing the right documents in court can be frustrating if you are not keeping up with the changes in the state’s legal terms. The court uses terms such as conservatorship, joint managing conservator, sole managing conservator and possessory conservator. Each parental role comes with defined rights and responsibilities. Obtaining a court order for these matters involves completing the right forms and filing a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR).

The Law Office of Dan-Phi V. Nguyen, PLLC, provides comprehensive family law advocacy that includes services for agreed or contested divorces, complex property division, parent-child relationship orders, modification and enforcement of orders and even adoptions. Attorney Nguyen will be your strong advocate in defending you in matters relating CPS. He also helps families appeal wrongful foreclosure cases.

Meet Attorney Dan-Phi V. Nguyen

As a young lawyer, Dan-Phi V. Nguyen became a Child Protective Services (CPS) prosecutor employed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). An idealist, attorney Nguyen worked at the Harris County Attorney’s Office and thought his commitment to child welfare law was going to make the world a better place. With a deep appreciation of the bond a child has with their parents, he founded his law firm, The Law Office of Dan-Phi V. Nguyen, PLLC. He now serves those contending with unjust displacement of their children or the state’s overreach and provides knowledgeable family law advocacy for divorcing or separating couples and their children.

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